SASS Tutoring Program Featured in PA Weekly

SASS’s tutoring program was featured in the April 4 edition of the Palo Alto Weekly. According to the article, all of the SASS tutors interviewed for the article “ uniformly expressed admiration for the young immigrants they're tutoring, many of whom hold down multiple jobs and support families in addition to going to school.” "The American Dream is alive and well in these immigrants," sad Mary O'Connor describing the three students she is tutoring, all of whom come to Channing House for their sessions. "They have a lot of ambition, they're willing to work and they don't expect anything to be handed to them."

"The students I'm working with now," she continued, "they work full-time, they have families and still they're determined to get an education and get the various certificates or licenses they need to get better jobs.

"They're interesting people to get to know, and it's exciting to be part of their life."

You can read the complete article here