SASS Student Katherine Ramirez heads for UC Berkeley


Katherine Ramirez came to the U.S. from Peru a few months shy of her 18th birthday. Now, four years later, she's heading off to UC Berkeley to focus on global economic development. Katherine began her education in the U.S. by taking English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at Sequoia Adult School. Six months later, she transferred to Cañada College where, after completing advanced ESL classes, she began pursuing her passion for math and economics. In May she graduated from  Cañada College magna cum laude with an Associate of Science degree.   To cover her living expenses while in college, Katherine worked 30 hours a week at Target; tutored Cañada students in math, English, and ESL classes; and babysat in the evenings, all while taking a full course load. SASS paid for her books and, before she had a car, her bus pass.   " I will always remember SASS for the scholarship that helped me to get started on the path to college," Katherine says. "Because of SASS, my life was a little less difficult."