SASS awards donor-inspired SASS Stars scholarships  


Computer science major Jose Quinteros and business major Lorenza Villanueva are the recipients of the first-ever SASS Stars scholarships.  SASS Stars is a new SASS program inspired by donors who wanted to provide significant financial support so that outstanding students could expedite their education. The scholarship is for $5,000 per year for two years. According to SASS Board President Laura Ayala, "The goal of the SASS Stars program is to help talented, motivated, and career-driven SASS students achieve their goals by accelerating their progress at community college."

As a result of receiving their Stars scholarships, Jose could afford to quit one of his jobs and spend more time studying, and Lorenza was able to get her car fixed so that she didn't need to spend time taking public transportation.     To be eligible for a SASS Stars scholarship, SASS students had to have attended college for two or more years with a GPA of at least 2.5 and have clear and realistic career goals.     We want to thank the very generous SASS donors who made these scholarships possible: principals at Private Capital Management Associates in San Mateo; Susan Russell, former SASS board president; Paula Uccelli, president of the Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation; and Wendy and Porfirio Ortiz.