Upward Scholars students win big at Cañada College awards ceremony!

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It’s a record: 15 Upward Scholars received scholarships from the San Mateo Community College Foundation this year, up from seven students in 2018! Several Upward Scholars students received scholarships based on their area of study. For example, Tania Ventura, who also serves as the Upward Scholars Student Fellow, received the Cañada Accounting Scholarship. Another Upward Scholars student, Luis Romero, who has written extensively about immigration injustices in his English classes, received the Redwood City Citizens Against Racism scholarship.

This year, the San Mateo Community College Foundation awarded $230,000 in scholarships to Cañada College students. Scholarships range from $400 to $5,000, with most in the $400 to $800 range.

Ten Upward Scholars students ( pictured above ) were on hand to receive their awards at the Cañada College May 10th Student Recognition and Achievement ceremony!

Meet our new Upward Scholars program coordinator, Ely Kapadia!

We're pleased to announce that Upward Scholars has a new program coordinator, Elizabeth Kapadia ( pictured below in the center ), who will be responsible for the Upward Scholars tutoring program, as well as several other Upward Scholars initiatives.

Ely was born in Mexico and grew up in Oklahoma. Working her way through school, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Then, she completed her teaching credential and Master of Arts degree in Guidance Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services credential at San José State University. She has more than fifteen years of experience working in education and industry as a teacher, counselor, and trainer with prekindergarten to adult students. Please help us welcome Ely to Upward Scholars where she can continue her commitment to empowering adults through education.

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Tania Ventura