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Upward Scholars (formerly Sequoia District Adult School Scholars or SASS) helps students overcome the financial and academic barriers that limit their success. 

Upward Scholars empowers low-income adults, mostly immigrants, by providing financial, academic and community support. As a result, students continue their education, get higher paying jobs, and serve as role models and advocates for their children. Learn more about our impact here.

About 95 percent of students are immigrants who came to the United States as adults. These students took ESL (English as a Second Language) classes at an adult school, and then enrolled in a community college ESL program. The remainder are students who quit high school; they then returned to an adult school to graduate with a high school diploma or GED, and transferred to community college. 

Upward Scholars is the only nonprofit in the Bay Area providing financial and academic support to low-income adults transitioning from adult schools to community colleges.