Support our students

Your tax-deductible donation will help a hard-working student in our community attain their educational and professional goals. We accept donations by credit card (PayPal), check and can receive stock donations as well.

Our tax ID number (EIN) is 45-4128140. 

Here is what your donation makes possible:

  • $50: Provides 1 student with an ESL text book.
  • $100: Provides 2 students with ESL text books.

  • $250: Provides 1 student with a laptop fully-loaded with software

  • $500: Provides 10 students with an ESL text book.

  • $1,000: Funds 1 Upward Scholars student for a year.


$50: An ESL book for a student

Most Upward Scholars student's journeys begin with ESL classes. With a limited income in our expensive housing market, the cost a textbook can be enough to keep students from taking these classes. Your donation will help a hardworking student take their first step towards reaching their educational and professional goals!

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$250: Equip a student with a laptop

A laptop computer is a life-changing gift for our students; many of whom have to write all of their papers and homework at a local library, which can be difficult to coordinate against a full work schedule.  A personal computer allows students to complete their coursework when they have time after work and on weekends.



$1,000: Sponsor a student for a year

Upward Scholars support for one student for a year is $1,000, which includes financial support for textbooks, laptop and transportation;  tutoring and mentorship programs and merit-based scholarships.

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Donate by Check

If you are sending a check, please make it payable to Upward Scholars. Be sure to include your name, email address, and street address so we can acknowledge your donation. Send your check to:

Upward Scholars
3481 Janice Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303



Donate Stock

Upward Scholars welcome donations of stock. For details about how to do this, please contact us at  You can find an excellent article on the tax benefits of donating stock here.