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Whether it’s immigration status, lack of a college degree, or being stuck working multiple low-wage jobs just to make ends meet, Upward Scholars students face insurmountable obstacles to making a livable wage.

This is why we’ve expanded our programming to better meet the needs of the people we serve today and meet the future challenges of our changing economic landscape. In honor of our founder and her initial motivation to give her students the boost they need to move up the economic ladder through education, the new program is called the Elizabeth Weal Move Up Initiative. The initiative currently includes two programs – NannyUp and ¡Hablas Más!


Nanny Up Training.jpg

Childcare is readily accessible work for recent immigrants, especially women who have both the experience and the expertise to care for children of working parents. But too often, childcare providers get stuck in low-paying positions without the benefits they deserve, or the opportunity for professional development and advancement.

NannyUp gives talented, nurturing childcare providers the opportunity to advance in their careers as nannies.  In partnership with The Institute for Families and Nannies (TIFFAN), students attend workshops where they are reminded of the vital role they play in the lives of the children they care for and learn to negotiate for salaries and benefits that reflect the knowledge they have gained while attending college. 

¡Habla Más!


Upward Scholars students are smart and hard-working. The vast majority also are fluent Spanish-speakers eager to share their culture. Coincidentally, many non-Spanish speakers living in the Bay Area are eager to learn Spanish from native speakers.

¡Habla Más!, which means “speak more” in Spanish, provides Upward Scholars students the opportunity to work as professional Spanish language coaches. We do this by training Upward Scholars students to serve as coaches for non-Spanish speaking adults in our community who want to learn or improve their Spanish.

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